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Built by Veterinarians, for Veterinarians.

Vetstoria was founded by two vets working in clinics just like yours. They experienced first-hand the challenges you are facing now. Their shared passion for customer care and concern of delivering the proper care within the industry constraints led them to create Vetstoria.

The Founding Team

Julien Poublon


I have been a practicing small animal vet since 2001 and have noticed criticisms of the industry involving the communication gap that has been growing between vets and their clients. I believe that technology around us has surpassed the capabilities of the typical veterinary practice, and founded Vetstoria to help veterinary practices around the world offer the greatest possible service.

Julien Renard


I too have been a practicing small animal and equine vet for over a decade. I strongly believe my patients get optimal treatment when the pet owner completely understands and adheres to the therapeutic plan. We built Vetstoria to try and aid in this endeavour. Communication is essential to delivering optimum pet healthcare, and Vetstoria is the ideal platform to provide that communication in an efficient and effective manner.



I help clients understand technical aspects of implementing Vetstoria within their veterinary practices. I am also the main technical contact with our partners, ensuring smooth technical integration between Vetstoria and different practice management software.

Engineering Team

A technical team of in-house developers and quality assurance engineers who have strived to improve our product over the last 5 years. Providing consistent and constant improvements and additions to the Vetstoria system in order to add value to your Vetstoria subscription.

Support and Onboarding Team

Our 24/7 Support team is on hand to offer comprehensive set up and onboarding support to make sure, you recieve the prefect booking system for the unique features of your practice

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